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Videos for Women and Families

This unique video series busts myths about midwives and spreads the word about their quality care. Please share, post, and show these videos as often as you can.

Top 5 Tips for Sharing These Videos

  1. Share the link on your Facebook page and on Twitter, and challenge 5 people to do the same.

  2. E-mail it to 5 friends, family members, colleagues, or listservs, and ask them to show it to others, share, or post it.

  3. Write a blog about it and share on social media.

  4. Post the link on your website.

  5. Add a link to the video in your e-mail signature -- you can download this graphic to make it even more eye-catching!

Midwives and the Care They Provide

The first video in our series gives an excellent overview of midwives and midwifery and sets the record straight on several midwifery myths while highlighting the model of care that is unique to midwives. We’re proud that this video won a Gold Circle Award from the American Society for Association Executives!

Midwives in Hospitals: A Great Choice for Childbirth

This video sets the record straight on midwives in hospitals, describes what women can expect from midwives in a hospital environment, and how midwives also work collaboratively with physicians in this setting.

Healthy Birth with a Midwife

The most recent video in the series focuses on explaining the benefits of normal, physiologic birth. This video features several midwives discussing what normal birth means to them and how they help women experience it.