Your Health

Achieving and maintaining good health is a lifelong journey that, for many women, is punctuated by the childbearing experience. Start exploring health topics from primary care at every stage of your life to care specifically surrounding pregnancy, and learn how midwives can be there for you and with you for every experience. You can even submit your own question to have it answered by a midwife!

  • Throughout Your Life

    Explore some major health topics that may affect you throughout the lifespan. 

  • Preconception And Pregnancy

    Pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Explore each phase of the journey to motherhood.

  • Labor And Birth

    These helpful resources and common experiences of other childbearing people can help you feel ready to navigate labor, birth, and the postpartum days.

  • Checklist: Choosing a Provider

    Choosing your health care provider is important. In addition to considering their education and expertise, it is essential to ask about a provider’s approach to care and how they will work with you to make decisions. Use this checklist of questions to ask as a starting point.

  • Ask The Midwife

    Introducing a new feature for Our Moment of Truth™— Ask The Midwife! Check out questions submitted by our readers for our staff midwives below, or CLICK HEREAsk The Midwife to ask us a question of your own! New questions and answers will be posted regularly, so check back often!