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Moments of truth are personal. They happen in different ways for everyone, and for different reasons. Have you ever wondered about the way other people approach their health and their care? Below, check out stories from real people like you about their experiences with the US health care system and with midwifery care. You can also share your own here.

I Love My Midwives

My practice has 3 rotating midwives. After beginning my prenatal care with my OB/GYN with whom I had loved for about 10 years, I was crying after leaving the office. I didn't get any support for my desire to have a natural labor and birth. My doctor tried to convince me that oxytocin was a natural hormone and therefore induced labor by Pitocin was natural. Nobody congratulated me or even asked how I was feeling. I went looking for a midwife. After my first appointment I was crying happy tears because I felt so right about the change. When discussing natural birth I was met with an "OF COURSE!" attitude. We did do it naturally and my midwife was with me through all of my 16 hours of laboring in the hospital. Her motivating words kept me going strong. I believe that OBs are invaluable in the operating room and midwives are invaluable in the delivery room.

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