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Moments of truth are personal. They happen in different ways for everyone, and for different reasons. Have you ever wondered about the way other people approach their health and their care? Below, check out stories from real people like you about their experiences with the US health care system and with midwifery care. You can also share your own here.

I chose a midwife and homebirth.

After having a c-section with my first, I wanted a VBAC with number 2. I did lots of research and found that a lot of the interventions carried out during my first labor and delivery may have caused the need for the c-section and that the best way to ensure a safe and natural birth was to avoid all that. It was clear that my OB at the time was not willing to go without many of those interventions. I looked into birth centers. They would not accept VBAC clients. I then found a Certified Nurse Midwife that attended home births. I knew, after more research, that this was the safest option for me and my baby and transferred my care to her. I immediately felt a higher level of care than I ever had with an OB and would make this decision over again a million times. I had a home water birth in May of 2009 and believe it or not, it was LESS painful than the hospital birth I had in 2006 with and epidural. It was a peaceful, wonderful, beautiful experience and I can't wait until my newest bundle of joy enters the world the same way next month...October 2012! I love my midwife!

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