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Moments of truth are personal. They happen in different ways for everyone, and for different reasons. Have you ever wondered about the way other people approach their health and their care? Below, check out stories from real people like you about their experiences with the US health care system and with midwifery care. You can also share your own here.

It's my body, simple as that.

I was diagnosed in 2004 with Crohn's disease. The journey I went on with various doctors gave me some great insight to the medical world. I soon realized that I knew my body better than anyone else. Many of these doctors ordered tests, analyzed results and wrote prescriptions without uttering more than a few sentences to me. No one cared to ask me about my feelings, physically and emotionally. When I found out I was pregnant in 2009 I knew I had to stay in control of my body, for both my and my baby's sake. It didn't take long to realize that the care of a midwife would provide that for us. We had a beautiful hospital birth with no interventions. I felt in control and most importantly, Respected. I appreciate the knowledge and technology that doctors bring to the table. But I don't believe it should be our first resort. My body, my decisions, Simple as that.

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