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Moments of truth are personal. They happen in different ways for everyone, and for different reasons. Have you ever wondered about the way other people approach their health and their care? Below, check out stories from real people like you about their experiences with the US health care system and with midwifery care. You can also share your own here.

My Midwives-Fighting & Supporting for a Natural Birth

This is my first pregnancy and I wasn’t sold on the idea of a midwife or home delivery. I decided I wanted to get care from a doctor until we met with a local midwife. I left the doctor’s office feeling a little uneasy with all of the extra tests and rushed with only allowing 20 minute appointment times. Our first midwife appointment I felt loved! We spent the first 1 hour appointment getting to know each other and they eased my fears about pregnancy and labor. I found instant friendship with these wholesome, knowledgeable and caring women. When I do go into labor I know they will be there for me with my & my baby’s best interests in mind. There will be no shift change, scoffing at the amount of noise I’m making during delivery or tension between doctors and nurses for how high the delivery bed is or isn’t set. I know in my heart these women will support me through the toughest moments of my life and I can't wait to share this experience with them! My due date is October 28th and we will are planning a home water birth. Wish us luck!

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