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Moments of truth are personal. They happen in different ways for everyone, and for different reasons. Have you ever wondered about the way other people approach their health and their care? Below, check out stories from real people like you about their experiences with the US health care system and with midwifery care. You can also share your own here.

Lights in the Sky

1972, a warm night at Muona Mission Hospital, I was looking at the moon, stars and planets, knowing that my family 15,000 miles away was looking at the same moon, but different lights in the sky. During the day the grassy area where I stood was dotted with Moms and Babies smiling and enjoying time together. How could they look happy while in a hospital? I kept watching them in the daytime and kept looking at the night sky while being the Night Sister of the multi-ward facility. How could people in poverty have any happiness? I was so homesick and overwhelmed by my sudden, unexpected job of running a nursing school I had to look at something to help me through the first 3 months. I saw the incredible beauty of the southern hemisphere sky with no city lights to interfere and kept seeing the joy of Moms and Babies together in impossible looking conditions. If I was to go on in life I had to learn about the beginning unit of family, the Mom and Baby, and so began the journey to becoming a Midwife.

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