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Induction of Labor

What is induction of labor? When your baby is ready to be born, your labor starts. Your health care provider may recommend starting your labor with medicines and other treatments instead of waiting for your body to start labor on its own. When this is done, it is called induction of labor. Inducing your labor is usually recommended if: You…

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Managing the Discomfort of Labor and Birth

The type and amount of discomfort during labor and birth varies from woman to woman and changes throughout the various stages of labor. Midwives are leading experts in helping women decide how to cope with childbirth pain. Whether you wish to try strategies such as movement, massage, water immersion, or relaxation techniques, or epidural, nitrous oxide, or other medications, your…

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What is a Midwife?

Spanish VersionΒ  Most midwives in the United States are health care providers who offer services to women of all ages and stages of life. With their advanced education and their focus on research and partnering with women, they are among the most modern, forward-thinking health providers in the United States today. The midwifery approach to health care has never been…

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