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Staying Healthy on a Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

Why Choose a Vegetarian Diet? You may choose a vegetarian diet for many reasons. You may not want to harm animals. You may have political reasons for not eating meat. You may feel that not eating meat is healthier. Or you may avoid meat for religious reasons. Is It Possible to Stay Healthy Without Eating Meat? The American Dietetic Association…

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Preventing Osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis? When the bones in your body lose calcium, they become thin and may break more easily. This is called osteoporosis. When osteoporosis is severe, bones may become so weak that they break during everyday activities such as bending over or walking. Bones are hard. How can they become weak? Calcium is stored in your bones. Your body…

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What is Folic Acid and Why do You Need It?

January 3-9 is Folic Acid Awareness Week, but folic acid should be part of a healthy lifestyle every day. You can start the New Year off right by taking a multivitamin with 400 micrograms (mcg) of the B-vitamin, folic acid, every day. Your body uses folic acid every day to stay healthy. Think you are getting all of the vitamins…

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